Dordogne Retreat

4 - 11th August 2024

An all-inclusive 7-night escape for a magical and unforgettable yoga retreat in France. This offering is perfect for those wanting to get away and experience a completely different culture and climate. The retreat is based in the beautiful and picturesque area of the Dordogne.

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Retreat Overview


B-Inspired by Nature: Embrace mountains, rivers, and lush landscapes for a refreshing French culture escape.


B-Immersed in Heritage: Stay near Chateaux Hautefort, famed for the film ‘Ever After,’ and soak in the local culture.


B-Relaxed in Tranquil Surroundings: Unwind by the pool, sunbathe, read, wander, hike, or enjoy a coffee at the local cafe.


B-Indulged in Self-care: Twice daily yoga with Asana, Pranayama and Meditation with optional Reiki sessions available.


B-Tantalised by Delicious Cuisines: Relish fresh local dishes, from breakfast to dinner. All dietary requirements are catered for.


B-Enlightened in Wisdom: Immerse in yoga’s ancient teachings and varied practices. Enrich your self-care journey.

The Accomodation

The Venue

Nestled in the serene French countryside, just a 15-minute stroll from Château Hautfort, our traditional French gites offer an enchanting retreat. You’ll have a choice of accommodations: an old stone cottage, a beautiful studio, and a charming stone barn conversion.

The centrepiece of our retreat is a 9-meter swimming pool surrounded by a decked terrace and discreet seating areas, all set within a beautifully landscaped garden.

While you’ll enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, essential amenities are just minutes away.

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of rural France, creating cherished memories whilst delving into your practice in this idyllic countryside setting.

The Accomodation

Embrace the charm of our meticulously curated gites and make one of them your home for an unforgettable week at our French Yoga Retreat. You have several enticing options to choose from:

  1. Shared Twin/Triple Room: Solo travellers, or those seeking new connections, can enjoy shared accommodations, pairing you with a like-minded participant or sharing with a friend. 
  2. Single Occupancy Rooms: Revel in your own space with the following single occupancy double room options:
    Option 1: Mezzanine with ensuite. Ideal for a single person.
    Option 2: Enclosed double bedroom with ensuite. Ideal for a couple.

Relax post-yoga in the lounge, by the pool, or amidst our extensive gardens. Your ideal escape, blending French elegance and yogic serenity, awaits in your chosen gite.


We invite you to savour abundant leisure time in the lap of this traditional luxury retreat. Whether your heart desires moments of repose, sun-kissed siestas, invigorating swims, nature hikes, cafe hopping, serene meditation or extra explorations the choice is yours.

Upon arrival, our knowledgeable guide, Sam, will help you tailor your week to your desires. After seven nights enveloped in the embrace of our exquisite surroundings, you’ll depart with your spirit rejuvenated and your essence revitalized. Join us in this idyllic fusion of French tradition and yoga, where every moment is a journey of serenity and self-discovery.


Indulge in the splendour of our luxurious retreat, where the enchantment of France unfolds before you. Immerse yourself in the local charm with our guided hike to the picturesque Lake Cou Cou. Discover the tranquil rhythm of the Dordogne River on our canoeing adventure, with a delightful lunch by the river.

A journey through time awaits you in our trip exploring the history of Château Hautefort, steeped in grandeur and heritage. This retreat seamlessly blends relaxation and exploration, offering you the best of both worlds. It’s not just a retreat; it’s a holiday where you’ll experience the essence of this remarkable region.

The Experience


Elevate your spirit with our opulent yoga retreat, where the remarkable Sam B Yoga, our gracious host, guides you through two daily yoga sessions in an encouraging atmosphere.

Start your mornings with invigorating Vinyasa, Sivananda, and Seasonal Yoga, a dynamic fusion that ignites your inner vitality. In the evenings, bask in serenity as you delve into the nurturing embrace of Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga, allowing your body and soul to find profound relaxation.

Sam’s yoga practice is a heartfelt journey, illuminated by wisdom, and often imbued with profound Yoga Philosophy, creating an inspiring and transformative experience. Join us in this lavish haven, where yoga transcends exercise and becomes a profound journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

Local Attractions

Our exquisite luxury retreat invites you to surrender to tranquillity and indulgence but there are plenty of opportunities to embark on local day trips and activities if you have transport. Discover the mystical Grotte de Tourtoirac, delve into history at the Museum of Medicine, lose yourself in the medieval enchantment of Brantome and Sarlat or splash around at Quercyland Water Park. Be captivated by the timeless wonders of the Cave paintings at Lascaux.

For the adventurous spirit, partake in local activities such as golf, cycling, or the graceful art of horseriding. Whether you seek the bliss of relaxation or the thrill of exploration, our haven awaits, where your heart’s desire becomes a luxurious reality.


Indulge in a culinary masterpiece at our opulent French retreat, where gastronomic delights take centre stage. Our exceptional chef crafts exquisite, fresh homemade local cuisine that transcends mere meals. Savour the aroma of freshly baked bread, relish the crisp perfection of pizzas from our outdoor ovens and surrender to the rich flavours of traditional French Bouillabaisse.

We cater to every palate, from vegans to any special dietary requirements you may have. Each dish is paired with a meticulously curated selection of wines or non-alcoholic alternatives to enhance your dining experience. To complete the gastronomic journey, we offer an array of traditional French cheeses, a testament to the sublime indulgence that defines our retreat.

The Price

£950  – Shared Occupancy + Flights

£1050 – Single Occupancy Opt 1 + Flights

£1150 – Single Occupancy Opt 2 + Flights

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What's Included

Airport Transfer

1 hour 30 min drive from Bergerac or Limoges Airports.


7 Nights – Shared or Single options.

Food and Drink

Meals are provided 3 times daily depending on schedule. Wine and additional drinks are included.


Full-day trip canoeing along the Dordogne River (Lunch at Brasserie Le Ti’Malo not included). Excursion to visit Chateaux Hautefort featured in Disney film ‘Ever After’ with Drew Barrymore. Hike to Lake Cou Cou.

Daily Yoga Classes

Twice daily yoga class including asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Fully equipped Yoga Studio

No need to bring anything as all mats and props are provided.


Chanting and chatting evening activities.

Kitchens & Washing Machine

Kitchens to make own drinks and washing machine available on site.